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50cm Set Of 9x Colourful Woodgrain Wooden Background Boards sign making writing

50cm Set Of 9x Colourful Woodgrain Wooden Background Boards sign making writing


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These sign panels were the start of a sign project from 2021 which we didn’t finish. Before we started machine printing directly onto wood we were using lino prints to hand print signs. These are some sign backgrounds we created but never made the final signs. In fact we have now photographed and digitally recreated these colours and textures for future signs but these are the originals. Rather than never use these we thought a happy crafter or DIY sign maker might appreciate the effort it took to make these, and finish the project! 


Wood is 12mm plywood so a good thickness and it will be ok outside in wet weather once varnished. The texture has been created by first using household emulsion paint to create a block colour base coat, then a second colour has been applied and while it was still wet a wood graining tool was used to scrape back the second colour to reveal parts of the original colour. Essentially creating a funky two tone wood grain effect. No varnish has been added and the paint used was matt emulsion so the signs are reat to have text added to them. This can be done with a water based or oil based paint, they can be lino printed on or even vinyl stickers added. 


Each set of 9 comes in the different colours shown in the images. Because the texture is hand made each sign will be slightly different, so will look similar and be the same colours to the pictures but not identical as we originally created 7 sets of 9 signs in small production batches.

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