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Beer Sign Wooden Rustic Festival 63cm x 30cm

Beer Sign Wooden Rustic Festival 63cm x 30cm


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62cm wide by 30cm high.

A limited addition rustic handmade BEER sign. You might think this sign is made from pallet wood but it’s more complicated than that! The wood is scaffold board but cut in half…but not cut in half crossways but right down the middle using a bandsaw. The dissected scaffold boards were used to make luxury rustic tables and this sign is made from the offcuts - double reclaimed! The BEER text has been CNC cut out of MDF the spray painted in a matt brown finish then wood glued to the boards. The board are attached together with more reclaimed wood on the back.


Each sign differs slightly as the texture and woodgrain is unique to each individual sign. Also because of the nature of the scaffold boards they have historic paint splattered on them from their former use in building work. The font and colour of the font are all consistent.


We have a FOOD sign and GIN sign in the same style, also limited edition.


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