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Circus Cannon Prop

Circus Cannon Prop


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2D Circus Cannon prop designed in house and printed directly onto high quality 6mm MDF wood then CNC cut to shape.

Measuring 90cm wide when the cannon barrel is positioned horizontally, by 55cm tall. Prop is plain MDF on reverse.

This artwork has been well thought out to sit between a children's book illustration and authentic vintage artwork. With so many circus themed props and signs on the market there is always a worry that bringing together a mix of different items from different suppliers might not work visually. We have faced this problem in the past ourselves when running an events company so we are very careful to make sure the props we now sell will sit well in all settings. The colour pallet is leaning towards the vintage side with an 'off white', mustard yellow, dark red and muted blues, yet it is still bright enough to be placed alongside bright modern circus aesthetic. Subtle shading has been added to give the illusion of it being 3D whilst not making it look like a cartoon.

The premade size of 90cm is much larger than our other props as the cannon prop tents to be used in commercial settings like children's circus themed birthday parties and photo shoots. That's not to say it can't be used for themed home decor, just be aware of its size.

If you are thinking of creating a circus themed window display how about using nylon thread to suspend you newest product from the ceiling like it is shooting out of the cannon? Add some party streamers for a full visual spectacle!

We have lots of other circus props and signs as it is one of our biggest themes.

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