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D-rings or Eyelet Screws

D-rings or Eyelet Screws


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Suitable for the majority of our props, unless they are very heavy. Smaller props will require one eyelet or d-ring. Medium props may require two and the largest props 3 or 4. D-rings Attach using a handheld screwdriver to the back of the prop. Please note that the screws provided are the same depth as the 6mm MDF so do not over tighten as this will result in the point of the screw poking though the front of the prop. Eyelet screws Screw into the side of the prop by hand - see image. Make sure to put the eyelet as central as possible in the side of the MDF to stop the MDF from splitting. Screw the eyelet in slowly but with purpose. If the MDF starts to bulge then that is a sign the MDF might split as the angle of the screw is not right. If this happens take the eyelet out and place in a new position. TIP: To make sure the eyelet is extra secure place the prop upright after the eyelet has been attached and drop a blob of superglue onto the surface of the MDF where the screw penetrates it. This will soak into the porous fibres causing them to harden.

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