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Large 2D MDF Gardening Spade Garden DIY Shed Tool Box Man Cave Decoration Party Balloon Photo Prop Sign

Large 2D MDF Gardening Spade Garden DIY Shed Tool Box Man Cave Decoration Party Balloon Photo Prop Sign


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Thank you for looking at our props. We are a teeny tiny manufacturer in Devon. We have 5 staff and two machines. Everything we sell is 100% made by us. Please see our other items!

All our props are made from 6mm MDF wood. Artwork is printed directly onto one side of the wood using eco UV ink and is NOT a vinyl sticker.

On the edge of every prop there is a tiny burn mark approximately 3mm wide where the blade of the CNC machine stops its cut. We try to sand all the burn marks off, but this is not a guarantee. If you would like to remove your burn mark yourself then just a small amount of sanding with medium to fine grain sandpaper will remove it.

Please note that pastel and lighter colours are slightly darker than a standard pastel colour due to the artwork being printed on to wood. Images shown are an accurate representation of the product. We have provided close up photos for your inspection. Some light shades of colour like white will very very mildly show the wood fibre pattern when closely examining the product.

Displaying your props:

We have experimented with lots of different ways to display our products over the last few months and have listed some of our favourite methods below. Please note that this advice is based on our own experience and we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused.

Command strips - For indoor temporary use.

No more nails - For long term permanent use.

Nails, bolts or screws - For attaching to wood for long term permanent use.

Nylon thread - Useful for hanging lighter items.

D-rings - Screw into the back of the MDF to make a loop for hanging. Be mindful to use very small screws and watch they do not go through and pierce the front artwork.

Eyelet screw - Great for screwing directly into the side of the MDF. Remember to be mindful not to split the MDF when screwing into the side. You can dab a bit of superglue over the screw hole to harden the MDF afterwards.

Staple gun and string - Using 5.5mm or less staples you can staple string loops to the back.

Drill holes - Drill holes into the props and thread string or ribbon through.

Cable ties - Perfect for securing props to other structures. For example, a giant toadstool can be cable tied around the stem to a table leg. You can get cable ties in a variety of colours so you are able to blend them in with the artwork. You can also use string, but cable ties are much easier to tighten and produce a good strong hold.

Stands - We are currently working on a range of clear acrylic stands to make props free stand. These will be available within the next few months.

Other useful information:


VAT is included in the price.

About us:

We are a small team of 5. We’ve been trading as an events company for 10 years. Due to the pandemic we are turning our hand to the big wide world of eCommerce…wish us luck!

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The Prop Factory Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Company Registration No. 08494316 Registered Offices: Unit 2, 8 Marsh Green Road North, Exeter, EX2 8NY.
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