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Baby Polar Bear Prop

Baby Polar Bear Prop


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Cute baby polar bear printed directly onto quality 6mm MDF. He is one of our more larger pre made props as he is designed for party and event displays, measuring 75cm by 75cm. That's not to say he can't be used in other settings such as a Christmas Grotto or a children's animal themed bedroom.

His paw is in a clutched position to enable you to attach a balloon perhaps with a 'it's a boy' or 'it's a girl' balloon, or a child's birthday number. Simply do this by tying the balloon string through the premade hole in his paw just below his thumb.

If you are using for a more permanent display and still want to make use of his clutching paw then you don't need to attach balloons at all. Simply add some ribbon or string to his paw and attach to anything that enhances your display or room decoration. Maybe a moon or cloud attached to the ribbon for a baby's nursery creating a dreaming narrative? We have a few different style moon cutouts that you can use to create this look.

Or for a shop window he could be holding a flying book on a ribbon. Use and old book and place makeshift wedges between the pages - this could be anything, recycled cardboard works well, and glue into place and this will splay the pages out. Then use clear nylon thread to suspend the book from the ceiling to give the illusion it is flying and attach the string from the polar bear's paw to the book.

Check out our other props and have fun creating an imaginative display!

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