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UNPAINTED Giant Rabbit Sign DIY Craft Bunny Easter Wonderland Animal Farm WL ET

UNPAINTED Giant Rabbit Sign DIY Craft Bunny Easter Wonderland Animal Farm WL ET


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Main photo shows the 40cm and 80cm versions.

6mm MDF decorate it yourself shape. We have a large selection of unpainted shapes you can customise yourself either by painting or glueing things to.


When painting add a coat of white primer first. You can buy wood primer or you can mix PVA with ordinary paint, either acrylic or household emulsion. This stops the top coat of paint from sinking into the MDF and looking patchy, it also helps keep your chosen colour/s vibrant. 

When gluing glitter (or sand or anything you can "sprinkle") to the blanks either cover in PVA, wood glue or varnish then sprinkle it on. We found the best technique is to firstly paint the item the same colour you would like the glitter (or other) finish, then when dry using an oil based wood varnish, apply generously then cover in glitter. The finer the glitter the better the finish. You shouldn't need to apply varnish again, but it might be necessary if you find the glitter is falling off. 

When glueing 3D things like flowers or pompoms a hot glue gun is perfect. For flowers it is best to apply glue to the petals not the plastic part holding the flower head together. 

Other ideas you can decorate your prop with include decoupage, adding things using wire, wrapping wool, string or ribbon around, spray painting, drilling holes through to wood to add items and such. Using a staple gun isn't advised on this thickness of wood unless you find a way of making the staples safe if they go all the way through the wood - in the past we have used a glue gun to cover the staples sticking out.

Outdoor use 

MDF is not suitable for longterm outdoor use, for instance a sign permanently on the outside of a building exposed to the elements. It will be ok outside temporarily for example if you are a hire business and use what you have created for weddings. We have some MDF pointy chalkboard hands that have been hired at weddings for the last 6 years, even in heavy rain and are fine - a bit fluffy on the corners. We also have some peep boards that are nearly 10 years old and have been used at a lot of events outside all weekend and are fine. It is up to you if you choose to use outside. You can substantially improve the longevity of your prop by varnishing it all over. 

Attaching to walls and other objects. 

For smaller props, say up to 50cm wide, command strips are amazing and don't damage the prop/sign or the wall they are being attached to. Bigger props you might need a few strips at a time, they normally advise how much weigh each strip will bear, and MDF is much lighter than solid wood or ply. You can also used D-rings, but be mindful when screwing into the MDF that the screws do go all the way through, a blob of superglue between the wood and the fitting just before screwing really helps keep the fitting attached! 

For a more permanent solution you can drill directly through the wood and on to a wall or other piece of wood then use filler and touch up with paint to hire the holes. 

Cable ties can be used discreetly to attach the prop to other objects, for example at an event where you can't attach things to the wall. A table leg makes for an excellent way to stand your prop upright using cable ties. You can order all sorts of different colour ties online so they stand our less against the prop. 

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