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All the Fun of the Fair Sign

All the Fun of the Fair Sign


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Step right up and add a touch of traditional old fashioned fun to your home or business with our 'All the Fun of the Fair' Sign! This vibrant and eye-catching sign is the perfect addition to any space, measuring 40cm wide by 45cm tall and printed directly onto 6mm MDF.

Our in house design team has created this artwork using a complimentary hybrid of hand drawn fonts and digital design. Drawing inspiration from traditional fairground art 'All the fun' text is an uncomplicated handwritten design sitting at a pleasing upwards slant. The Fair text is constructed of multiple layers of clever shading and drop shadows to give it a 3D feel, almost popping completely out of the sign. of The mix two fonts, one simple and one decorative is synonymous with fairground art. But with this version the digital rendering has given a deeper level of detail you wouldn't find in a hand painted design. We have also added a very subtle woodgrain effect to the artwork so don't be fooled, the wood is actually smooth MDF. The perfect hybrid!

Use in your home decor by attaching to a wall with a few command strips. Or why not add a really authentic feel by drilling a few hole in the top and attaching some vintage looking rope, or pretty ribbon?

This sign is not just limited to home decor, it's also a great addition to any retail space, ticket booth, or seaside pier. Its versatile size and design make it a perfect fit for any location. Please note that it is not designed for long term outdoor use. Check out our other vintage funfair inspired signs too. So step right up and add a reminder that even in a digital world, simple fun from your younger years can still be had today!

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