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Cheshire Cat Moon Decoration

Cheshire Cat Moon Decoration


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This Cheshire Cat Moon Face is made from quality 6mm MDF and cut to shape.

Measures 45cm diameter.

Attach to walls using command strips.

The Cheshire Cat face is based John Tenniel's illustrations original illustration in the Alice in Wonderland Book. We have taken the black and white illustration and adapted the cats furs to give more of a dramatic striped pattern. The original cat face in the book does not have prominent stripes but the Wonderland Cheshire cat of modern times is synonymous for its stripes, most likely since the 1951 Disney film version of Alice in Wonderland came out.

The artwork has been created in monochrome to resemble the aesthetic characteristics of a moon. The cat illustration is in mid gray to blend with the grays of the moon artwork.

This moon can be used in so many different spaces, from a Wonderland themed room to a mad Hatter's tea party scene.

Pair with our other Wonderland character props to create a real story scene in your home.

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