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Christmas Carousel Top Prop

Christmas Carousel Top Prop


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100cm wide by 36cm tall.

Wooden carousel horse top 2D cutout in Christmas colours. Made from high quality 6mm MDF and CNC cut to shape.This prop has been created to allow you bring to life you own carousel inspired display. It can be used own its own or you can add other props or your own styling. Use on its own for maximalist Christmas decoration by adding to the top of a door display. Or you can turn this into you very own make believe carousel by suspending ribbon, candy cane style paper straws on string or anything you can dream up. Gold upholstery braiding would give the illusion of the beautiful twisted brass poles on traditional carousels. Then the ""horses"" to you chosen carousel poles. These could be children's drawings, some of our own carousel horse props or prop toys - sold in a separate listing. You don't even need to use horses, what about simply hanging Christmas baubles from bottom?We also sell a pink version if this prop in a separate listing.

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