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Dramatic Exit Sign

Dramatic Exit Sign


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Arrow Direction

In-house designed wooden sign. Printed directly on to 6mm MDF and CNC cut to shape. Plain MDF on reverse.

Left/Right sign measures 35cm wide by 12cm high; the Down direction sign measures 42cm wide by 12.5cm tall.

Available in standard emergency sign green, pink, purple, grey, and light teal - please note light teal is a light blue with a hint of green. Also available in rainbow and pastel ombre.

This means the signs are just the perfect size to go above your door at home! This 'Dramatic Exit' sign is a humorous take on the regulatory UK fire exit sign. Featuring the same running silhouette person exiting a door and a similar font but the difference is the background is pink and instead of "fire exit" it reads "dramatic exit" which is a theatrical phrase for someone leaving a room or area in an over the top manner.

Choose from a left pointing sign or a right pointing sign. Order the direction you want as you look at it.

A great present for a teenagers room, a drama queen or for all you humorous phrase loving maximalists out there!

Attach to a wall using command strips, or if you want to suspend this sign from the ceiling of the top of a door then we sell eyelet screws - in a separate listing - which simply screw in to the top of the MDF to provide an anchor point for string, ribbon or a chain. The great thing about this sign is that is isn't a paper or card print, it is in fact wood so there is no need to frame it, making it look even more authentic. Please note this sign should not be used instead of a real fire exit sign where they are required by law.

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