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Egg and Spoon Race Sign

Egg and Spoon Race Sign


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Are you ready to egg your friends and family on in the ultimate egg and spoon race? Measuring 70cm wide by 33cm tall this original and unique egg and spoon race sign printed directly onto high quality MDF and cut to shape.A classic school sports day game. Remember chanting your team's name with the other students? My school used real eggs, but you can buy dummy eggs now a days. The aesthetic is a little more tongue and cheek than our other vintage game signs. This sign features a vintage style banner, a playful font and go-faster stripes and racing numbers on stylised eggs. The pair of finish line flags really shouts British racing!There is a long unnessaccary story behind this artwork which probably doesn't need telling, but here it is anyway! If there was a graphic design equivalent of finding something in the attic and fixing it, this would be it. In 2020 one of our prop makers designed most of this sign digitally. At that point we were a hire company and we're going to print this sign and add it to our hire games collection... however the pandemic came and it never got finished. A few years later I we started an ecommerce business to replace our hire company. I found this file, and only just learning illustrator I was unable to finish the artwork. I tried by there was a technical issue I couldn't solve. Fast forward two more years to 2024 and I had become an Adobe Illustrator pro after spending two years designing 100s, potentially even a few 1000 designs and props digitally. I opened the file and still couldn't fix the issue as first and remember why, even though it was a great sign, we didn't sell it. This time I was a lot more graphic design savvy and spent a good while figuring out what was wrong...for all you Adobe props out there a layer was locked on 'live paint' so I had been unable to edit the uneven lines to create a cut file. But now! 4 years later I have finished what someone else started and here it is today.

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