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Oversized Modern 2D Book Prop

Oversized Modern 2D Book Prop


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Giant book prop made from quality 6mm MDF and CNC cut to shape.

A slightly different design to our vintage open book prop. This book design is more reflective of a modern book, and measures 75cm wide by 36.2cm tall, but still with traditional book aesthetics like stitched binding and brass corners. Please note the book is a 2D prop and the artwork is created digitally and printed directly on to the wood. The artwork design features white pages as opposed to a sepia aged look of our other book prop. Shading has been added to give the illusion of the book having real pages.

The pages are plain to allow you to add your own design. A great use of this book would be to create an imaginative display maybe for a shop window, book corner or school. Give the feeling of the book busting open with words and pictures springing out of the book. Place the book on a wall using several command strips, or use a small easel to rest it on. Then use children's pictures, or pictures taken from real books that have been rescued from being thrown out and stick to the wall or for a more 3D feel to the display use clear nylon thread to suspend the pictures floating above the open book. For an extra bit of detail you can also add broken up words and letters as if they are sliding off the page - a product called Letraset is ideal for this as you can transfer letters to the book prop by rubbing them on like a temporary tattoo, or use letter stickers.

How about using this book as a sign at your event or wedding? Use a marker pen to hand write a message to your guests following the contours of the page.

The book prop is also perfect....well as a prop! For plays and productions where it isn't practical to carry a heavy book around.

Don't forget world book day! Use as a backdrop at school or nursery for photos of children in their costumes.

You really could write a book on the possible uses of this giant book prop!

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