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Giant Black Cassette Prop

Giant Black Cassette Prop


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The ultimate addition to your 80s or 90s themed party - the Giant Black Cassette Prop. This classic mixtape is not your average decoration, it's a statement piece that will transport you back in time to the golden era of music.

Measuring at an impressive 43cm wide by 26cm tall, this prop is printed on 6mm MDF for a sturdy and high-quality finish. But what makes it truly special is the space for you to handwrite your favorite songs on, just like you used to on your own mixtapes.

But that's not all - the last photo showcases a custom 95cm wide by 57cm tall version of our Giant Black Cassette Prop. And the best part? We can make it even larger upon request! Just message us and we'll create a custom size that fits your party needs perfectly.

Transform any space into a nostalgic paradise with our Giant Black Cassette Prop. It's not just a backdrop or prop, it's a piece of art that will bring your 80s or 90s party theme to life. So go ahead, add a touch of retro charm to your event with this mixtape picture or poster. It's the perfect way to pay homage to the iconic Top of the Pops era.

Don't settle for ordinary decorations, make a statement with our Giant Black Cassette Prop. It's the perfect addition to any 80s or 90s party, and a must-have for any lover of cassette tape art. So why wait? Get yours today and let the good times roll!

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