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Chocolate Factory Sign

Chocolate Factory Sign


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Step into a world of pure imagination with our wooden Chocolate Factory Sign! Measuring 110cm wide by 34cm tall, this larger-than-life prop is perfect for any chocolate lover, Willy Wonka fan, or sweet shop owner. The artwork has been designed in house the directly printed on to 6mm MDF and CNC cut to shape.

The artwork features a classic rich purple colour with gold effect text saying 'Chocolate Factory'. Please note the ink is not a metallic finish, it is the shading of the artwork that gives it the illusion of it being gold. The font took a long time to select as it was a difficult balance of creating an imaginative playful sign whilst not creating something too crazy it became illegible and potentially tacky looking. The shading on the adjoining poles give a subtle 3D feel without making it look like a cartoon. The addition of these side poles mean the sign can be a stand alone prop or it can be added to a structure to create a make believe chocolate factory.

Imagine the excitement on your guests' faces as they enter your party through a pair of factory gates with this sign sitting on top? Or use it as a backdrop for photos, a stage prop for a play, or a fun addition to a candy-themed room.

With its vibrant colours and playful design, our Chocolate Factory Sign is sure to bring a touch of magic to any space. So go ahead, indulge your sweet tooth and add this giant prop to your collection today!

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