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Wooden Funfair Star

Wooden Funfair Star


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Wooden Funfair Stars, the perfect addition to your colourful decor! These stunning circus style stars are printed in bright but vintage style colours on 6mm MDF wood and fully cut to shape. The artwork creates a subtle 3D effect with each star point divided into two and shaded in two gradient tone of the same colour. Then a pale lines have been added to resemble light just catching what would be the highest points if this star was 3D. Choose from pink, orange, green or blue. Please note the artwork is only printed on one sized, but the stars are symetrical so can be glued back to back.

These stars are very versatile, from adding to the top of your Christmas tree using something as simply as a bit of old fashioned duck tape on the back, to hanging around your home by adding eyelet screws into the side of the wood. Eyelet screws are available to purchase from our online shop in a separate listing.

Add these stars to walls using a single command strip, or grab adhesive for something more permanent.

Measuring 18cm x 18cm, this star is the perfect size for any space. Use it to add a touch of circus magic to your Christmas celebrations, or keep it up all year round in your kids' bedroom for a showman-inspired party vibe. Or even your living room if you are a maximalist. It's also a great addition to any vintage or fairground themed decor.

Get yours today and add a touch of the greatest show on earth to your home!

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