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Oversized Clapperboard Sign

Oversized Clapperboard Sign


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Oversized Clapperboard made from quality 6mm MDF and CNC cut to shape. Please note the clapperboards are designed as signs and do not open and shut - the artwork is printed directly on to the wood. Reverse is pain unpainted MDF.

We have two designs to choose from with slightly different layouts and wording. Both designs measure the same 95cm wide by 75cm high.

The first design is based on a traditional clapperboard with text prompts for production, director, camera, scene, take, roll and date.

The second design is an 'event' inspired design where the traditional text prompts have been removed and swapped out for event related text prompts as follows 'welcome to ... at ... featuring ... beginning ... ending ... date'. This is a great film or production themed event sign hybrid! So once you have made your film this would make the perfect sign for the premiere welcoming your guests. It also doubles up as a photo opportunity so your guests can share - and promote - your event.

How about using one of the clapperboards for your wedding? The production board would be great for representing your future life together - take 1! (or take 2 or 3 if it is your 2nd or 3rd marriage and you find humour in your life journey so far) The title could be how you see your life, or if your life were a film "The tale of two gamer" or "Once upon a time in Slough" Or of course the other clapperboard with event prompts could be used as a directional sign to let guests know they have arrived in the right place.

These signs are advertised as chalkboards although they are not traditionally made with chalkboard paint. There are a few different ways you can add your own text. Vinyl lettering will stick to the printed MDF and can be removed. Chalkboard pen will work just fine but will be hard to remove after. If it is for your wedding this might be fine as you can keep the sign as a keepsake after. But if you are an event hire company you might consider using real chalkboard paint to paint little areas with masking tape to serve as a chalkboard area.

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