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Giant 2D Scissors

Giant 2D Scissors


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These Giant 2D Scissors are ultimate statement piece for any event or space - a larger-than-life prop that will catch everyone's attention.

Crafted from high-quality 6mm MDF, these scissors are printed with a traditional steel colour and intricately cut out to give a realistic look. The closed style measures 88cm x 23cm, while the open style measures 85cm x 35.5cm, making them the perfect size to make a bold statement.

Please note these scissors do not work or move so we have created an open pair or closed pair for you too choose. Larger sizes available if needed.

These giant scissors can also be used as a prop at a grand opening event - imagine the fun photos posed with these 'cutting' the ribbon! Or how about as a fun photo prop at a party. They are also great for adding a touch of creativity to your home, office, or studio. These scissors make the perfect statement decoration in a beauty/hair salon, barbers, fabric shop, or even a classroom!

Pair them with our giant spool of thread and measuring tape (sold separately) for a the perfect set of haberdashery or tailors tools. These scissors are also perfect for themed events such as a vintage or theatre-inspired party, or as a prop for a school play.

With their versatile use and eye-catching design, these Giant 2D Scissors are a must-have for anyone looking to make a statement. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary and add a touch of fun and creativity to any space or event!

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