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Giant 2D Spoon Prop

Giant 2D Spoon Prop


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Pick up this Giant 2D Spoon Prop! A unique addition to any cafe, restaurant, or home decor. This oversized spoon is not only a comical talking point, but also a visually stunning piece that will elevate any space.

Measuring at an impressive 100cm x 21.5cm, this giant teaspoon is printed on high-quality 6mm MDF wood, giving it a realistic silver appearance. The attention to detail in the design and printing process ensures that this prop looks just like a real spoon, adding a touch of wow and wonder to any setting.

Whether you're looking to create a playful atmosphere in your cafe or restaurant, or add a unique touch to your home decor, the Giant 2D Spoon Prop is the perfect choice.

As it's lightweight too it is also a great addition to stage productions, visual merchandising displays, and themed events.

So don't delay, this giant spoon really is worth forking out for!

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