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Giant 2D Candy Cane

Giant 2D Candy Cane


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2D not 3D. Printed directly onto high quality 6mm MDF and CNC cut to shape. Available in two different sizes, 4 different colours and facing both left and right.

Please note the candy canes are sold individually and not in pairs so please select either a left or right facing when ordering your size and colour.

Small version = 13.3cm wide by 47cm tall.

Large version = 28.5cm wide by 100cm tall.

We often get asked if these are suitable for outside at Christmas. Our general advice from personal experience is most props are ok for the seasonal period outside with a few coats of exterior varnish on the back and from. However, in the case of the 100cm tall candy cane this isn't enough if it is not supported - for example if placed leaning in a doorway and it gets wet from several days of rain it will eventually start to warp. The artwork ink won't run or fade. If you are attaching to something that supports the shape, like our customers who have Christmas market cabins and screw or velcro these to the sides of the cabins.

These giant candy cane designs were a result of 4 years of selling different styles before settling on this style. In 2020 we started selling signs and props online because the pandemic ruined our events company, which at that time had been trading for 8 years. In the run up to Christmas 2020 we discovered our first best selling online product, which were the candy canes! We were CNC cutting and spray painting a simple design on the wood. Then in 2021 we bought a big fancy flatbed printed, however we weren't very well practiced at graphic design so these designs were simple again. The following year we adding some shading, and by 2023 we settled on this design featuring rich variation of tones and stylised block shading. So the closer you get the more detail you see. The artwork has been made to give the illusion of being 3D but at the same time being aesthetically pleasing as a stand alone 2D artwork.

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