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Giant Pumpkin Prop

Giant Pumpkin Prop


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Plain 2D pumpkin props made from 6mm MDF wood and cut to shape.

The small pumpkin measures 31cm wide by 26.9cm tall, and the large pumpkin measures 46cm wide by 39.9cm tall. We are able to supersize these pumpkins if you are looking for something bigger for a commercial display or play prop.

These giant 2D pumpkins are plain and without Halloween faces making them perfect for a fairy tale themed display, or Cinderella party, or harvest festival celebration. Of course you can add Halloween faces to these pumpkins yourself, or we sell these exact same pumpkins with Halloween faces added in a separate listing if that is what you are looking for.

The artwork is digitally created to give a stylised 3D look. The shading in the artwork almost makes the pumpkin props look waxy just like real pumpkins! We have chosen a mid range orange as opposed to an overly bright orange, this is to give the pumpkins a whimsical look rather than a cartoon look.

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