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Wooden Rainbow Prop

Wooden Rainbow Prop


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Printed directly onto quality 6mm MDF and CNC cut to shape. Measuring 90cm wide by 45cm tall.

A classic illastravie rainbow shape in bright colours. This is one of our larger props and it at the largest postable size. We can print this prop up to 113cm tall by 223cm wide but that would need to be collected from our Devon warehouse.

There are more uses for this prop than you might think! The 6mm MDF allows you to use eyelet screws, which we sell in a separate listing, to create anchor points above or below it by screwing them into the side of the wood. If you sell jewelry you might consider this for a market display for your necklaces, to have them draping over the rainbow! Please note if adding multiple screws to the side it might be worth using a dab of superglue after each eyelet has been added, this will harden the MDF and make the screw less likely to come loose.

How about adding this rainbow above a doorway if your wall height will allow it, or even a window for a bit of quirky maximalist decor? Add to a child's bedroom wall using several command strips, grab adhesive or heavy duty velcro then make some 3D clouds to place under each end. There are lots of fake cloud making tutorials online, even some showing you have to easily add lights!

Or maybe a sweet shop display? Remember the 'taste the rainbow' Skittles adverts? You could place a big pile of sweets either side of the rainbow, using cardboard of something similar to give the sweet piles dramatic height whilst simultaneously securing the rainbow in place. The perfect shape of the rainbow with its equal and harmonious stripes, alongside the CNC cut wood will give it the professional look your business deserves.

If you are a business you can display this prop as a stand alone display in your window to show your solidarity during pride month too. With more uses than perhaps you though, buy today and let this wooden rainbow cutout be the centrepiece of your next display!

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