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Giant Theatre Ticket

Giant Theatre Ticket


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Ladies and gentlemen let us introduce the Giant Theatre Ticket, a theatrical addition to your vintage themed decor. Measuring a sizable 43cm wide and 21cm tall, these ticket designs are sure to make a statement in any room.

Printed on high-quality 6mm MDF, each ticket is carefully cut out to give it an authentic look and feel. The ticket comes in 3 different designs. The most popular design being the beige 'Admit One' ticket. This is because it is often used by our customers as a humorous bathroom or toilet door sign.

There is also a pink 'Door Prize' ticket stub. The text reads "Door Prize. Drop this stub in box. You may win a valuable prize' This incentive was used to deter littering. Perhaps you might use this sign at home as a subtle reminder to your family to pick up their own mess! The last sign is a Drive-In Theatre ticket stub in a subtle green gradient, giving it an aged look. All 3 tickets feature dollar symbols rather than pound symbols. The tickets also have stylised vintage 'wear and tear' detail added to the artwork such as white damaged edges and small spots of discolouration.

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