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Glitter Ball Wall Art

Glitter Ball Wall Art


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Wooden colourful 2D disco balls! Made from high quality 6mm MDF and CNC cut to shape. Choose from 6 different colours - red, pink, gold, silver, blue or purple - in 4 different sized diameters - 20cm, 27cm, 43cm or 60cm. Please note that the gold and silver disco balls are not metallic, it is the shading in the artwork to give the illusion of them being metallic. First image shows 20cm size, 2nd image is the 60cm and 3rd image is 43cm. Prop is plain MDF on reverse.

With 24 different colour and size combinations these disco balls are very versatile and have a variety of uses. Use a combination of sizes and colours to create a dynamic feature wall display. Imagine the wall being painting dark blue with different sized and coloured disco ball disks dotted all over the wall. It would look like a 70s space disco. For additional affect you could always paint in some little white stars to make a truly exceptional disco galaxy.

Or you can just use one of the largest size in this collection to hang above a mantlepiece in a complimentary colour to your decor.

If you fancy getting creative then why not use one or two of these to make your own wall art? How about a pair of small red disco ball cut outs to form cherries, you just need to add the stem - maybe some green garden wire? Or add some wings to the gold disco ball to transform it into a Harry Potter Golden Snitch disco wall hanging. Maybe add some homemade giant flower petals to the back of one of these disco ball cutouts? There really is so much you can create with these colourful disco ball designs!

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