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Puppet Theatre Wooden Surround

Puppet Theatre Wooden Surround


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Because of postage restrictions this item is sold in 4 individual parts. This also allows our customers to only buy the parts they need. For example if you have your own curtains you might only require the top part with Show Time sign. Or you might frame a door frame with the sides and top and not require the bottom part. Also being sold in 4 individual parts means you can set up the puppet theatre to fit your area, so the sides, top and bottom can overlap more or less as needed.

The measurements are as follows:

Top 110cm wide by 29cm tall

Sides each 29cm wide by 74cm tall

Base 110cm wide by 20cm tall

Artwork is directly printed on to 6mm MDF wood. The product is 2D. Fittings to attach to walls are available in a separate listing in our shop. Or if you are handy at DIY you can make a supporting frame.

Please note the image featuring the theatre around a window was a bespoke size as part of a custom order. Customer sizing orders are available for an additional fee.

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