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Human Fruit Machine Sign

Human Fruit Machine Sign


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Sign measures 75cm wide by 14cm tall. I made it quite a large size, as I imagined this being used as game signage at an event or fete. In fact I got the idea for the sign from my son's school fete, and then saw the concept again a few years later at a local village fete. So I thought, I've seen it twice now, it must be a "thing" but I've never seen a sign for sale, so here you go! I loved designing this artwork, as it was out of my normal vintage remit. I have quickly become a 'fruit machine font' advocate after visiting an arcade restoration warehouse. The question marks sort of looking like bananas was a happy accident. Font matches the set of giant fruit machine buttons in a separate listing. I made the buttons as an add on to this sign, to create more of an immersive experience when the game is being played. The buttons say START, NUDGE, HOLD, COLLECT and CANCEL. Exclusive artwork designed and printed in house, directly onto 6mm MDF.

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