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Human Fruit Machine Sign

Human Fruit Machine Sign


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Human Fruit Machine Sign made from quality 6mm MDF - a novel addition to any event. This sign measures 75cm wide by 14cm tall, making it a large and eye-catching piece that is sure to draw in a crowd. Inspired by the classic game of chance, this sign brings a fun and interactive element to any social gathering.

The concept of a human fruit machine has been recently popularized at community events like school fetes as a way to raise money without any expensive equipment - you just need some human volunteers and a few baskets of fruit! The "player" pays a small fee and presses a makeshift start button - or we actually sell a matching giant start button in a separate listing - then the three volunteers hold up a random piece of fruit from their baskst, and if they match you win! It's as simple as that! You can add extra theatre to the game by making fake sound effects and dressing up the area the volunteers are seated in too!

The artwork is inspired by traditional fruit machine buttons - a modern sans serif font full of bouncy personality with a yellow metallic style glow, and blue border. The background of the sign is covered in yellow question marks, but they can be mistaken for bananas, which is actually quite fitting!

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