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Ring Toss Game Sign

Ring Toss Game Sign


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100cm wide by 18.2cm tall. Traditional fairground game sign printed in vibrant colours on 6mm MDF wood.

This sign is part of a range of fairground game signs you can use to create a DIY vintage style funfair at any event, party or wedding. We have created the signs, you just provide the games and instantly you can create a whole area of fun for your guests. There are lots of readily available components for games that are easy to purchase, or if you are fancy you can make your own to go with each sign. Each sign design is created using block colours in a vintage palet. The text are classic circus and funfair fonts. No two sign designs are the same but they all perfectly compliment each other. We have been careful not duplicate colour pallets, text and border combinations.

A few ideas for creating a DIY Ring Toss game - empty bottles and pre made hoops, perhaps even paint the bottles different vibrant colours. Make your own hoops with thick rope, glue gun and some electrical tape. How about the 'O' shaped frisbees for an extra long game of ring toss, maybe with a bigger target like traffic cones? Basically as long as the aim of the game is to throw something round over an inanimate object, then what and where is totally up to you!

Check out the other signs in other listings. We also have fully made fairground games too.

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