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Lucky Dip 10 x Imperfect Christmas Props

Lucky Dip 10 x Imperfect Christmas Props


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Between 70% and 90% off the normal prop price of our wooden 2D printed props and signs! This bundle is a mix of medium and large Christmas props.

This listing is one of our lucky dip range! We normally sell only one product at a time, but for various reasons the items in our lucky dip packs are not economical to sell one at a time. This is due to the price per prop. Either they are too small or are damaged or reject props that cannot be sold at full price. So we sell these type of props in bundles.

Please note you might not receive the props in the photo/s. These are examples of past reject props.

Really sorry we cannot guarantee any of the designs we send because the items available to add to these bundles is completely out of our control, and purely based on which props not pass quality control.

It is notable to point out here, that although the props are classed as rejects, the quality issues tend to be minimal and include things like slight colour variation, small scratches and bumps on the artwork, CNC cutting misalignment, small blurs in the artwork where the printed head has been too far away from the wood when printing. Sometimes the hand painted primer on the wood and under the print is too thick and causes bumps in the artwork, or is too thin and makes the prop colours slightly duller or the fiber grain shows through.

None reject props can also be part of the lucky dip packs where a prop has been discontinued or the size has been changed before we have sold what we have left in stock. Test products, prototypes, and promotional props never sold online can also be in the packs. And props from our own displays and social media tutorials can make their way into the lucky dips packs too! It really is the luck of the draw what you recieve!

Lucky dip packs are limited! Once our surplus of reject props in a particular theme runs out, we unpublish the listing and wait until it significantly builds back up to relist that lucky dip pack for sale. Seasonal themes like Halloween, Easter and Christmas tend to go out of stock way ahead of the season they are used for. This is because we don't tend to have reject piles of seasonal themes until just after the season has finished, and by the time it is Christmas or Halloween again the lucky dip packs have long sold out. We get a lot of messages especially around these times asking if the packs will be back in stock before the occasion, but normally the answer is no - so just be aware please lucky dip packs tend not to be for sale when you actually want them! So if you are a bargain hunter by ahead of time!

If you don't like some of the props in the bundle sent to you and don't want to keep them we can not part refund you. If you would like a refund you would need to return the whole bundle at your expense.

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