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90s Giant Peace Hand Sign

90s Giant Peace Hand Sign


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Introducing the ultimate statement piece for any 90s enthusiast or retro lover - the 90s Giant Peace Hand Sign. This unique wall decor piece features a Sailor's tattoo style retro hand, forming a stylised peace sign gesture in block colours.

Printed on high quality 6mm MDF and cut to shape, this piece is sure to make a statement in any room. The simple strong colours with a black outline add a touch of nostalgia and fun to any space, making it the perfect addition to your 90s home decor or a themed party.

Not only is this piece a funky and eye catching wall art, but it also serves as a versatile party sign. Whether you're hosting a 90s party or incorporating 90s party themes into your event, this peace sign art is the perfect way to set the mood and add a touch of retro charm.

But the possibilities don't end there - perfect for a teenage bedroom or a retro inspired home, this piece is a must have for anyone looking to add a touch of 90s flair to their space. So why wait? Bring back the 90s in a bold and stylish way with the 90s Giant Peace Hand Sign. Order yours today and make a statement with this one of a kind piece.

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