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Odditorium Sign

Odditorium Sign


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60cm wide by 40cm tall. Printed on 6mm MDF and cut to shape. The artwork for this sign was a labour of love. It is our very first sign I have made for our replica pier we are building. I wanted to make an area full of interesting items, random facts and moving things but I wasn't sure what to call it so this sign concept was born. For this artwork I have used a premade font slightly adapted it. Then I spend hours adding the double layered effect raised artwork. I chose a hybrid colour pallet halfway between Victorian and Sideshow, so it could cover both aesthetics depending on the setting. The banner I left deliberately simply, which didn't feel quite right doing as I am an over decorator! But I knew visually to keep the background simple so as not to draw attention from the text. I am planning to mount this on the top of an arch with red curtains below but it would also look amazing on a gallery wall of tall shelf with your own personal collection of oddities.

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