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Your Fortune Sign

Your Fortune Sign


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Your Fortune wooden sign. Measuring 45cm wide by 23cm tall, printed directly on to high quality MDF and cut to shape.

This sign was originally created for a capsule machine. We purchased a capsule machine where you pay 20p to receive a small toy in a round plastic ball that opens up...however since the capsule machine was made, prices of prizes has gone up so much so, that by selling them for 20p you'd end up losing money. So we had to think of something to put in the plastic capsules that was still a random prize but didn't break the bank and so we came up with 'your fortune' - like a fortune cookie vendinding machine. We couldn't use a sign that said 'fortune teller' as that didn't quite fit the concept so this sign was created.

The artwork was inspired by a tiny vintage silver plaque with raised detail. The shape was so lovely we recreated it for this sign. We wanted to keep the feel of raised details in our artwork to pay homage to the original design so we have made the text appear 3D by adding subtle drop shadows. The deep green colour seemed to fit the design and give it a regency feel, especially against the off white text.

This 'Your fortune' sign can be used in all manor of charming ways. How about a guest book at your wedding where you encourage guests to predict your future, imagine keeping hold of that book your whole life and looking back over the predictions to see who was right....and who wrong!

Or how about a vision wall? Where you create a gallery wall full of aspirational images that mean something to you and the way you imagine your future? Or if you don't have a spare wall then how about putting this above a mirror or your front door so you are reminded to take everyday as it comes and embrace life! It could be a great gift too for a loved one if you write a hidden message of positivity about their future on the back so when they place this in their home or work they will be reminded of what is written on the back.

This is your sign to buy this sign!

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