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Puppet Show Sign

Puppet Show Sign


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Puppet Show wooden banner made from high quality 6mm MDF measuring 60cm wide by 13cm tall.

The artwork has been created in house, originally for our own children's play centre. We made a shadow puppet booth from the top of an old dresser and placed this on top. It worked perfectly and was so easy to create. Making a puppet booth yourself might be easier than you think. If you look online or at recycled centres you sometimes find old cabinets or dressers with broken doors, even an old chest of drawers might work if you have space. Then you simply remove the front and insides so it effectively becomes an empty wooden box, paint it then add this sign of top. Children or adults stand above the puppet booth with puppets on sticks coming from the top of their head upwards, or marionettes.

Or you could create a hand puppet booth and add this sign to the top. Attach with grab adhesive, heavy duty sticky back velcro or screw directly through the MDF.

The artwork is inspired by traditional puppet booth artwork. Punch and Judy puppet booths often use designs inspired by medieval tents. The banner artwork, especially the ending details give a nod towards medieval flags and have a real "announcement" aesthetic, you can almost hear the fanfair! The pen and ink style illustration of the banner is in a dark grey, this is to help the black text pop out as it doesn't over power and detract from it. The background colour is a vintage cream to give an authentic feel. Artwork has been created digitally and printed directly onto the MDF using eco inks then CNC cut to shape.
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