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Cartoon Engagement Ring Sign

Cartoon Engagement Ring Sign


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Introducing the perfect addition to any 90's love themed event or celebration - the Cartoon Engagement Ring Sign in the new size of 28.5cm wide by 30cm tall. This large, eye-catching prop is designed to bring a touch of nostalgia and fun to your party or event.

Crafted from high quality 6mm MDF, this sign features a cartoon style diamond ring printed in vivid colours and fully cut to shape. The result is a durable and vibrant prop that will make a statement in any setting.

Whether you're hosting an engagement party, hen party, or wedding, this sign is a must have if you want to add a touch of kitsch and whimsy to your decor. It's also perfect for use as a prop in a photobooth, creating memorable and Instagram worthy photos.

Not just limited to events, this sign also makes a great addition to a teenager's bedroom, adding a fun and playful touch to their decor. It's also a great choice for a kawaii themed room or as a unique wedding decoration.

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