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Space Rocket Prop

Space Rocket Prop


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The Space Rocket Prop! This eye-catching piece is perfect for adding a touch of out of this world adventure to any space-themed setting.

This prop is printed on high-quality 6mm MDF and cut to shape, ensuring durability and a vibrant display. The design features a playful and colourful space rocket, reminiscent of the iconic rocket in the original Wallace and Gromit animation.

Unlike our other props this Space Rocket is available pre-made in 2 different sizes. All of our props can be made bigger, but because this particular prop we have added the bigger version as a buy-it-now option rather than you having to request a quote. This is because we have found it has 2 regular uses - for space themed birthday displays and space themed bedroom decor. The bigger one is designed with balloon and backdrop displays in mind, and the smaller one - either with or without the flames - is designed with bedroom decor in mind. That isn't to say you can mix it up and got for a huge rocket in your child's bedroom, or a smaller rocket shooting over a birthday cake display for example.

You can attach to walls using command strips, making it easy to install and remove without causing any damage. Or for the larger version simply prop upright or secure to an object for a party display.

The smaller version comes with or without flames incase you are crafty and wanted to add your own - maybe some glittery card cut to shape in a series of red, orange and yellow layers. Or how about some crumpled tissue paper to give the flames some dynamic movement. Or just simply paint them onto you wall before adding the rocket?

So whether you're looking to create a balloon display for a children's party, add a touch of imagination to a kid's bedroom, or make a statement in a window display, one of our Space Rocket Props is the perfect choice.

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