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Strongman Wooden Prop

Strongman Wooden Prop


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And now for something completely different... this 6mm MDF circus strongman cutout is giving Monty Python, he's giving Freddie Mercury, he's giving Salvador Dali. We have designed him with a juxtaposition of Victorian inspired circus artwork in an etched style but with playful modern tattoos in more of an illustrative style. He is wearing a red and white striped leotard and holding a pair of kettlebells behind his hands. This looks moderately uncomfortable for the poor chap but we thought it looked aesthetically better! Or we have him without his kettlebells - you could add your own dumbbells if you fancy with a painted wooden dowel and some balloons or black ball for a 3D touch. Look at those arms, they are huge, he clearly missed leg day!There is no real specific purpose for this prop other than to place him in a place for all to marvel at his strength, he is only 75cm tall though so might need a chair to stand on! We are able to print him much bigger, lifesize in fact if you are organising a circus themed event and need some props to decorate it. Maybe you own a tattoo parlour and fancy and a new window display, this guy with his vintage tattoos might remind people of the joy and culture that comes with being a tattoo enthusiast. Please note he doesn't stand on his own so will need to be secured to a wall or supporting structure. Or maybe you just love quirky home decor and can think or a creative way to add this guy to your home. Choose the design without the kettlebells and place under something that he could be "holding up" - maybe a shelf, or a mirror. Please note, contrary to his prestigious title of "strongman" he is not actually strong enough to hold up a shelf or mirror, but rather give the illusion he is! Have a look at our other sideshow and vintage circus inspired props too!

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