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Swear Word Bubble Sign

Swear Word Bubble Sign


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Get ready to add some cheeky charm to your home with our Swear Word Bubble Sign! Made from high-quality 6mm MDF wood, this sign is not only durable but also has a retro cartoon feel that will transport you back to your childhood. The off-white and dark vintage colors give it a unique and edgy look, perfect for adding a touch of potty-mouthed humor to any room.

Measuring 40cm wide by 31cm tall, this sign is the perfect size for creating a statement on your gallery wall or as a photo booth prop at your next event. Let your inner rebel shine with our Swear Word Bubble Sign, the ultimate addition to your censored art collection.

Whether you're looking to spice up your gallery wall, add some attitude to your home decor, or just want to make a bold statement, our Swear Word Bubble Sign has got you covered. So go ahead, embrace your inner potty mouth and let this sign do the talking for you.

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