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Toy Factory Sign

Toy Factory Sign


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This Toy Factory Sign is designed in house and printed directly onto quality 6mm MDF wood. Measuring 75cm wide by 23cm tall it can also be printed bigger if needed for commercial use.

The artwork for this Toy Factory sign is the result of a meticulously thought out design. We originally designed it for our very own Toy Factory when we created Christmas Selfieland 2023. We wanted to avoid the use of the words 'elves', 'Santa' and 'Grotto' to give it a much more grand traditional factory feel.

Merging the playful element of the word 'Toy' with the industrial element of the word 'Factory' whilst keeping the sign magical and imaginative was quite a task. The initial design went through so many ideas that were all vetoed, in fact we spent a month revisiting the concept again and again until it finally worked, every little detail has been thought out, decisions like should the 'R' of Factory be over the top or under the red toy banner? The red banner is hand drawn then digitally coloured in with subtle shading and even a 'stitched' element running along the top and bottom to give it a fabric type feel. The toy font is in a goldy yellow to give it a feeling of presence without detracting from the gold element of the cogs. Please not the ink used is not metallic, it is just shading in the artwork to give the illusion of it being metalic. The factory font is highly detailed on closer inspection with a gold effect 3D edge that appears to be hovering around the text. The O of factory has been replaced by a cog that joins other cogs and disappears under the red banner adding an element of 'something bigger' lies ahead. The British Racing green placard under the factory text is shaped like a traditional plaque that might be used in an industrial setting. The colours are traditionally Christmas red and green.

The result is a harmonious hybrid of fantasy and industrial, you can almost hear the busy factory full of activity and joy. A Christmas Toy Factory sign that doesn't mention Christmas.

Using this sign as an inspirational starting point to create your own toy factory set up. Spray cogs, broken parts of mechanical looking toys, bits of interesting metal and wood gold and assemble structures to create imaginary machines. There are no rules to what the machine look like - after all they are are surely powered by magic!

For a bit of added detail use a pair of d-rings - sold in a separate listing - attach to the back then use hanging basket chains to clip to the d-rings. This will allow you to suspend the sign so it floats above your display.

Don't forget to check out our Wrap-O-Matic sign and factory cogs for added display details.

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