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Toy Town Wooden Sign

Toy Town Wooden Sign


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Toy Town sign made from quality 6mm MDF measuring 100cm wide by 27cm tall.

A retro inspired 'Toy Town' Sign, the perfect sign for any Elf Workshop, Christmas Grotto or Winter Wonderland. We designed this for our own giant toys Toy Town at our 2023 Christmas SelfieLand as we needed something more specific than just a 'TOYS' sign.

The design has been very well thought out. It uses a simple font with a reminassant nod to the Toy Story font. The letters are in 3 colour sequence which has allowed the to 'T's and two 'O's to be the same colour complimenting the alliteration element of the phrase Toy Town. The shape of the sign denotes an entrance as you can imagine this being the entrance to 'Town Town' Behind the text is a sunburst background in orange and red. These two elements coupled together give you a real feeling of walking into a land of joy. The sign border is dark blue with a dashed line that resembles stitching - a subtle drop shadow has been added to accentuate this design notion. The two poles either side have been designed so where ever you put this sign, either as a stand alone sign of part of structure you have made, it will blend well without ever looking unfinished. The gold effect ball on top of each pole has a small amount of shading to make it look 3D, but not so 3D that is dominates the whole sign.

This sign can be printed much bigger if required. Have a look at our giant toy props if you are seeking to really bring a space to life and fill with toy town narrative.

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