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Traditional Bakery Sign

Traditional Bakery Sign


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A sign for your bakery or kitchen decor - the Traditional Bakery Sign. This beautifully designed wooden sign is the perfect way to add a touch of vintage charm to your space.

Measuring 51cm wide by 49cm tall, this sign is made from high-quality 6mm MDF and features our in-house designed artwork, printed directly onto the wood. The artwork is inspired by the late Victorian to 1930s era of baked goods packaging and shop signage, giving it a timeless and nostalgic feel. The text was hand written then converted into a digital design. The closer you get the more you can appreciate the artwork detail. The sunburst effect behind the text was inspired by 1930s food packaging and is coloured in neutral Earth tones reflecting wholesome hand baked goodness. As you look closely at the text hovering above the sunburst you will see the shadow of the text is actually gold effect thread lines. Please note the gold tone is produced by shading in the artwork and is not metallic paint.

Hang this sign proudly in your country kitchen or even use it to make a childrens' play kitchen with a real rustic home baked feel. The intricate details and gentle earthy colors of the artwork will transport you back in time to the bustling streets and a traditional bakery.

This sign is not just a piece of decor, but a statement of your passion for traditional baking. It is a symbol of the love and dedication that goes into every batch of freshly baked goods. Let it be a reminder to your customers of the rich history and heritage behind your bakery.

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