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Wonderland Wooden Arrow

Wonderland Wooden Arrow


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Create your own DIY Alice in Wonderland sign post using all or a mix of these 6mm MDF cut to shape arrows. Please note each arrow is sold separately.

These signs are designed by us so you won't be able to buy these anywhere else - we know the Wonderland decor market is a bit of an originality minefield so you won't find any commercially available artwork here!

The design is a mix of playfulness but not too over the top that it goes from quirky to a chaotic mess. The wonderland inspired elements are subtle. The classic Cheshire Cat purple and pink make for the predominant colours. On closer inspection you'll see stylised line detail in the signs emulating wood grain. Also when you look closer you will see that there is a whole range of pinks and purples in the signs creating shading details and light reflections. The text has playful curls on just the Es and Ts. When considering a font the default response is to go for something over the top but this often becomes illegible. We have added quirky character by adding a multi layered drop shadow featuring a range of colours. The text has also be slightly shaped to reflect the culture of the sign, but again this is subtle.

For an event make a DIY sign post by using an old Christmas tree stand and filling with a heavy substance while placing an upright pole in it. Attach signs to the pole using either heavy duty velcro, grab adhesive, nails or screws.

Or if you are painting a children's bedroom or commercial space then you can always paint a sign post on the wall then attach these signs using command strips or grab adhesive for a little bit of 3D detail.


Turn Around 43cm wide by 10cm tall.

Wonderland 42cm wide by 10cm tall.

Nowhere 32cm wide by 10cm tall.

Tea Party 35cm wide by 10cm tall.

This Way 30cm wide by 9cm tall.

That Way 32cm wide by 8cm tall.

Yonder 28cm wide by 9cm tall.

Left 21cm wide by 8cm tall.

Right 24cm wide by 8cm tall.

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