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Wooden BOOM Sign

Wooden BOOM Sign


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Boom sign 43cm wide by 27cm tall. Made from high quality 6mm MDF and cut to shape this sign doesn't require a frame, simply use command strips - or we sell d-rings and eyelet screws - and attach to your wall. Or if you can't attach artwork to your wall them this sign can simply be placed on a shelf and mantle and lent on a wall. Just to note that the shape of the cloud behind the BOOM text means the sign will be at a slight angle if two points of contact are required to rest this sign on a shelf.

If you're looking for quirky gift for a comic or retro fan, then the BOOM sign is sure to make an impact! The artwork of this sign is of a vintage comic style with the off white colour of the colour of the cloud, muted yellow of the BOOM and mix of thin and thick black lines. The sign colour pallet will mix well vintage 70 decor or modern strong block colours.
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