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Wrap-O-Matic Sign

Wrap-O-Matic Sign


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Wrap-O-Matic sign 50cm wide by 13cm tall printed directly onto high quality MDF using eco inks.

A fun, industrial looking sign for any discerning toy Factory, Elf Workshop, or Christmas Grotto this December. We designed this for our own Toy Factory scene at Christmas SelfieLand 2023. We wanted our Elves workshop to have more of a factory feel so we built a make believe automatic present wrapping machine. This sign just finished it off perfectly and we displayed in right on the front. It was also a subtle way of telling people what they were looking at if they couldn't figure it out, after all who has seen an automatic present wrapping machine before? Please note that any photos you might have seen of our Wrap-O-Matic machine feature a larger version of this sign. We can print this sign larger if required. The largest postable size is 110cm.

The design has slightly 80s vibes with the angular compressed font. The name wrap-o-matic also has a very 80s vibe, perhaps the elves invented this machine in the 80s when consumerism blew up and they demand and expectation for presented hugely increased! - maybe? Perhaps a bit deep for a children's Christmas display?! The grey shading gives a slightly metallic feel without being to overtly silver. Fake screw heads have been incorporated into the print artwork with drop shadows to give the illusion of them being 3D. All these design elements give a narrative of an old trusty machine that has been wrapping presents for decades, and will carry on wrapping from now and into the future.

So go ahead and add some backstory to your elves toy factory display with this well thought out unique sign.

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